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About the author

Diego Pacheco is an experienced Software Architect, DevOps practitioner, Agile Coach with more than 17 years of solid experience. He has led architecture teams using Open Source solutions such as Java, Scala, Rust, Go, AWS Cloud, GCP, Akka, Cassandra, Redis, ActiveMQ, Spring, Sring Boot, NetflixOSS Stack: Simian Army, RxJava, Karyon, Dynomite, Eureka, and Ribbon on Big Customers in Brazil, London, Barcelona, India, and the USA(Silicon Valley and Michigan). Diego has a passion for functional programming and is currently working as a Principal Software Architect with AWS, Kubernetes/EKS, Rust, Scala/Akka, and NetflixOSS. During his free time he enjoys playing guitar, gaming, and blogging. You can check out his blog http://diego-pacheco.blogspot.com.br/.

Core skills include:

* Architecture Design and Architecture Coding for high scalable systems
* Distributed Systems using SOA and Microservices Principles, tools, and techniques
* Performance Tuning & DevOps Engineering
* Functional Programming and Scala
* Agile Coaching & Servant Leadership for Architecture Teams
* Consultancy on Development Practices with XP / Kanban


Google Cloud Architect
Sun Certified Web Component Developer
Sun Certified Java Programmer

Recent Lectures


* Meetup AWS Porto Alegre - 2018


* Netflix 2016
* QCon Sao Paulo
* Amazon Web Services(AWS) SP


* QCon Sao Paulo
* Agile Brazil

Papers(portuguese) ~ 2019

* Architecture, Business and Value
* Multi/Poly cloud Portability
* Micro frontends & SRR for Digital Products